The magic of Harry Potter from Jelly Belly

The magic continues with the newly expanded and redesigned Harry Potter inspired collection from Jelly Belly. Jelly Belly Candy Company in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products is thrilled to debut new chocolate and gummi confections inspired by Harry Potter, along with new Chocolate Frog collectible cards and a wild new Bertie Bott’s Every-Flavour Beans Gift Box. 

Designed with Harry Potter enthusiasts in mind, seven new series-inspired chocolate and gummi sweets join the popular line. Additionally, the new Bertie Bott’s Every-Flavour Beans Gift Box offers fans of all ages the experience of selecting from only the unusual jelly bean flavours such as Black Pepper and Earwax. Collectibles stickers and trading cards in select packages await inside this amazing new collection of chocolates, gummies and Jelly Belly beans.

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On 02 Oct 2018 In Product News

Bounce Earns Every Star

Bounce's new nut butter bars earn every star. 

With a 5 star health rating, the 3 nut butter bars are high protein, gluten free and are no junk

  • Peanut - made with peanut butter
  • Berry - made with cashew butter
  • Vanilla - made with cashew butter

There are 12 x 50g bars packed per shelf tray  

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On 02 Oct 2018 In Product News

Bundaberg Brewed to be Better

Bundaberg brews to deliver a better taste and quality product. 

For a limited time, don't miss out on Bundaberg's 4 best selling flavours available all in one carton.

  • Bundaberg Beer - 9 units/ carton
  • Passionfruit Sparkling Drink - 5 units/ carton
  • Lemon, Line and Bitters - 5 units/ carton
  • Traditional Lemondate - 5 units/ carton 

Available from your local The Distributors warehouse from October 1, 2018

On 02 Oct 2018 In Product News

Grab and Go with Lipton Ice Tea 350ml

Lipton is Australia's #1 Ice Tea Brand and this month you can grab and go with Lipton's new 350ml Ice Tea Pack Size in the 2 most popular flavours, Peach and Lemon.

Perfect for health conscious consumers with reduced calories per serve, pair with a meal and drink on the go.

Available now from your local The Distributors Warehouse.

On 23 Aug 2018 In Product News

Limited Edition Smith's Crinkle Cut 45g Garlic Bread

Smith's has collaborated with Pizza Hut to launch limited edition garlic bread-flavoured chips.

Don't miss out on ranging this fabulous new flavour - a win for chips and pizza fans alike.

Available in 45g and 150g packs.

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On 20 Aug 2018 In Product News

New Delicious M&M'S Caramel

M&M'S has launched its newest, delicious, addition to the M&M'S family - Caramel. M&M'S Caramel is filled with a chewy, caramel centre, covered in the infamous colourful shell.

M&M'S Caramel are available in two sizes, a single serve (45g) and medium pouch (130g) for sharing with family and friends.

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On 20 Aug 2018 In Product News

Jolly Lolly is Back with New 100g Party Mix

Jolly Lolly is back with new packaging and in a brand new size perfect for your impulse customer.

Launching with 100g Party Mix, this Jolly Lolly bag contains a combination of all your party favourites - snakes, bananas, milk bottles, pineapples and raspberries.

Delivered in a shelf-ready tray for one-touch merchandising on shelves and countertops, these bags can also be hang-sold. 

Competitively priced with an RRP of $1.75, Jolly Lolly 100g pack will be grabbed off the shelves. 

Available to order now, there are 20 bags per outer and are exclusive to your local The Distributors warehouses.

On 02 Jul 2018 In Product News

Your Tastebuds Will Love Smith's Crinkle Street Eats

Take your tastebuds on a holiday with Smith's new Crinkle "Street Eats" flavours:

  • American Pulled Pork 150g (12 units per outer) and 80g (18 units per outer)
  • Chinese Peking Duck 150g (12 units per carton) and 80g (18 units per outer)
  • Mexican Burrito 150g (12 units per carton) and 45g (15 units per outer)

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On 06 Feb 2018 In Product News

Cheetos Puffs - dangerously cheesy

Cheetos Puffs are the much loved cheesy snack that are fun for everyone. You just can’t eat a Cheetos snack without licking the signature flavour off your fingers and cheesy smiles are sure to follow.

Cheetos Puffs are available now through The Distributors in 90g packs (15 units per outer) and 165g packs (12 units per outer)


On 05 Feb 2018 In Product news

New M&M's Chocolate Bar

Now you can have your chocolate bar and eat your M&M'S® too.

Meet the new M&M'S® chocolate bar. Creamy, smooth milk chocolate sprinkled with M&M'S® MINIS Milk Chocolate Candies creates an irresistible crunch that raises the chocolate bar to an M&M'S® level. 

M&M'S® 46g Chocolate Bar, 24 units per outer. Order now from your local The Distributors Member. 


On 05 Feb 2018 In Product news