Coffee Please, Exclusive to The Distributors

Coffee Please is a new coffee brand exclusive to The Distributors providing a superior coffee opportunity to the Route market.

The premium roasted brand of coffee beans is locally roasted and packed on the Gold Coast with beans imported from three key coffee growing regions; Papua New Guinea, Kenya and India.

The Signature Blend is smooth and full-bodied with a rich chocolate profile, honey and caramel highlights and a gentle stone fruit acidity.

“While convenience and speed of service are paramount, Coffee Please aims to enhance the experience with a premium coffee blend” said Ben Langstaff, National Customer and Supplier Manager, The Distributors.

“We have carefully selected a blend which delivers the best result for on-the-go coffee seekers as we know Australian coffee consumers take their coffee seriously.”

Coffee Please is available in 1kg bag from your local The Distributors warehouse.

On 18 Oct 2017 In Product News