The Distributors Partner with Thankyou

The Distributors are now ranging Thankyou

The Distributors are now ranging Thankyou products with a new partnership agreement with Thankyou, a social enterprise business that gives away 100 percent of its profits to help end global poverty.

Thankyou products include Thankyou water 600ml, Thankyou snack bars: Cranberry & Coconut; Nut & Chia; Choco Berry Mini Muesli; Blueberry Blast Mini Muesli; Maple Mini Muesli Bars; Lime & Black Pepper Nut Bar and Mexican Chipotle Nut Bar.

“There has been growing demand from our customer base to range Thankyou given the innovation of the brand, what the brand stands for and their quality products, said Ben Langstaff, The Distributors National Customer and Supplier Relations Manager.

“Our local warehouses are excited not only for the strong growth opportunity but the commitment of the Thankyou Brand to the Global Community and helping people in need.”

“At Thankyou, our goal is to make great products and give 100 percent of the profits to help end global poverty. In eight years we've given over 5.5 million dollars towards this goal. We’re excited to partner with The Distributors to see that figure grow by allowing more Aussies to make an impact with their purchasing dollar,” said Daniel Flynn, Co-founder and Managing Director at Thankyou.

Thankyou customers are able to see the exact project their purchase is assigned to fund by entering the unique code on the product into the Track Your Impact system at Customers can also opt-in to receive a personalised impact report after each project is complete.

To date, Thankyou has given over 5.5 million dollars to projects. This equates to safe water and sanitation services for 545,360 people and access to long and short term food aid for 132,664 people or over 28 million days’ of immediate food aid for Thankyou’s Food for Now Program.

On 15 Mar 2017 In Product News