Take the Jelly Belly BeanBoozled Challenge

Jelly Belly® jelly beans are no ordinary jelly beans, and the extremely popular BeanBoozled® jelly beans are Jelly Belly Candy Company’s wildest collection to date.

BeanBoozled dares you to compare some of Jelly Belly’s tastiest, most popular flavours with the craziest ones. These Jelly Beans may look alike but they could not be more different from each other. Think you can tell them apart?    

Have fun with friends, family or colleagues – who will get Juicy Pear & who will get Booger flavour?

Would you like Caramel Corn or Mouldy Cheese? Or fancy Chocolate Pudding or Canned Dog Food?

“This product is great and so much fun. You really cannot tell which is the genuine Jelly Belly flavour and which is the weird one until you take the challenge” says Ben Langstaff, National Supplier Manager, The Distributors

“With the popularity of this product overseas, The Distributors are pleased to offer it to the local convenience and independent retail trade.”

BeanBoozled is available in 45g Flip Top Box and 100g Spinner Gift Box and are certified OU Kosher and are free of gelatin, gluten, fat and dairy.


On 01 Aug 2016 In Product News